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Full Scenario for Shadowbringers Aethersand farming. Pick the closest time slot scenario number and off you go! Some notes. – The grids are designed to look as natural as possible and will alternate nodes for resetting the Ephemeral. The two rotations used are Instinctual for low GP and the usual 650GP 8/8 when you have it..
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Agewood Aethersand. Reagent. 1. 0. The coarse-grained, elementally aspected remnants of highly concentrated aetherially reduced mineral matter. Crafting Material. Available for.

Jan 07, 2022 · Creating Classical equipment in FFXIV requires three main material types: Regional Folklore, Aethersand, and Aphorism items. For Folklore, gatherers will need to spend 1600 White Gatherer Scrips on 16 RegionalTrader'ss Token C. One can then give these to the Splendor's Vendor in Radz-at-Han to unlock new possible gathering materials per region..
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  • Patch 5.1 Notes. We are proud to present the patch notes for Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty, which follows the Scions' continued adventures on the First, and features the first installment in the new alliance raid series, YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse, courtesy of guest creators Yosuke Saito and YOKO TARO! This patch also sees the beginning of the ...
  • A handful of duskborne aethersand is obtained. From this particular result, i came to this assumption that the time of the day effects the variety of Aethersand acquired via Aetherial Reduction. To get Dawnborne Aethersand.. well you get the idea.(based on my assumption, feel free to correct it) Item Name: Lightning Moraine. Collectible Value: 287
  • FFXIV 5.25 MAKING GIL - AETHERSAND FARMING ROTATION FOR EPHEMERAL NODES to farm Aethersand Materials with optimum rotations. U...
  • So the basic rotation is dis eye -> meth app 3 times and collect. This will get you 2 collectables. When you have the lvl 58 set, you'd do dis eye -> meth app twice and single mind -> meth app and collect for your blue scrips. This'll get you 3 collectables.
  • Key points are: Choosing the right fish/spot/lure for you level. Also, Keeping key pieces of gear up to date (To up HQ chance, and reduce "got away"). Our Gathering Gear Guide is something you should keep open while leveling up: If you're curious, here's the equipment I prepared for my journey to 50.